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    Studying in russia is like studying in India -as indo russian association
    has been there forever.

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    Accommodations in the hostel

    Indian citizens entering specialties with studying in English are
    accommodated in a hostel for a period of entrance
    examinations and university studies.

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    Enrollment of the students

    Enrolment Indian citizens entering the specialties with training in
    English and taken under direct agreements (contracts) with
    them or with organizations.


About US

we are the facilitators for all m.b.b.s admission at various russian universities since 1999 primarily at kazak national university.students from various states have already passed out and practicing in india at par with the indian medical practionaers.Studying in russia is like studying in India -as indo russian association has been there forever. it inspires you to see things in new way and WE DO OUR BEST TO make our students be inspired and gain an excellent foundation for their future career. It is our mission to provide efficient as well as quality service to all our students. We treat every our student as a member of family and give any support he or she needs.We are proud of our work over the last 15 years, as we have gathered the team of professionals who would answer all your questions and queries related to studying m.b.b.s in russia. During the whole period of studying and staying abroad, our students can request assistance in any issue that may occur as we work closely with the indian embassy in Russia.

Admission Process

Admission of indian citizens to study in a foreign language on a fee basis by the results of comprehensive testing conducted by institutions of higher education in the language of instruction.To participate in complex testing citizen submits to the admissions institution of higher education apply for standard forms, certificate or diploma of primary vocational (technical and vocational) or vocational (post-secondary) education (original), a receipt for testing, two photographs size 3×4, medical information form 086, as well as a copy of the identity document.Complex testing is conducted from 17 to 23 July.Applicants, who came to complex testing, must submit an identity card (passport) and permission for examination.The tests are performed at the request of the applicants in the Kazakh and Russian languages in four subjects: Kazakh or Russian language (language teaching), Kazakhstan’s history, mathematics, and elective subject, as determined according to the specialty.The number of test items for each subject 25. The correct answer to each test task is assessed one point.Applicants are not allowed to change from place to place, exchange of examination material, write off, put them in the audience and use textbooks and other methodological literature, mobile communication devices (pagers, cell phones).Processing of the results of complex testing is conducted at the university, where the complex testing was held .Codes of correct answers are posted after the processing of test results.

FOR Process

Indian students must complete a one-year preparatory course to qualify for a place at Kazakh National Medical University.Medical requirements

For registration:

For Newly Student:

For newly-enrolled students: medical certificate (086-у), vaccination record (прививочная карта), X-ray result

For other students: annual X-ray:

X-rays can be taken at a number of clinics in Almaty. For more information please contact the Medical Center.

All the students are assisted in the whole process of fescilitating admission on a case to case basis concidering the eligibility criteria.

Admission of applications and documents

  1. Admission of documents is provided from June 1 to August 15 of the current year. INDIAN citizens should send documents for visa support by e-mail (plz put email id ) of passport copy pointing the exact home address, place of birth, region of residence, place of visa receiving. Validity of national passports of the candidate must be not less 2 years from the date of entry into the territory of Kazakhstan.

    From August 1 until August 10, the Indian citizen must personally submit the original documents to the admission committee of the University.

  2. An indian citizen entering on Bachelor Degree specialty programs with studying in English , provides:
    • approved state document of secondary (full ) general education or secondary vocational education, or a foreign state document on education, recognized as equivalent to the RK state certificate of secondary (full ) general education or secondary vocational education , with the application ( on the studied subjects indicating the number of hours and assessments on them)
  3. Notarial certified copies of the document on education and certified translation into Kazakh or Russian language .
    • The original identity of entrant’s document and notarial copy. Text translation must be certified by Kazakhstan notary or Kazakh Consulate of Kazakhstan in the country issuing certificates on education. Documents of secondary (full) general education issued in CIS countries do not require legalization (or stamp " Apostille "). Education documents issued by Indian institutions are to pass notification procedure in the order established by the legislation of the RK after the recruitment of persons during the first sterm of studying. All transfers must be made on the first and last name, specified in the entry visa a copy of an identity document ;
    • 6 photos 3x4 (mat );
    • Medical certificate of form 086 - Y. Indian citizens pass medical commission at educational and clinical center ( ECC ) of RSE " KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov . "

      In the case of providing untrue information by a foreign citizen, the university has the right to return the documents to him and exclude him/her from the university without returning funds.
  4. Entrance Tests
    4.1. University provides training in the following specialties of baccalaureate:
    • 5V130100 " General medicine " - 5 years + 2 years of internship
    • 5V110300 "Pharmacy" - 5 years
    • 5V110100 "Nursing" - 4 years
    • 5V110200 "Public Health" - 5 years
    • 5V074800 " Technology of pharmaceutical manufacture " - 4 years
    • 5V050700 "Management" – 4 years
    4.2. Admission of Indian citizens to the University on a fee basis with training in English is carried out by test reasults on the disciplines of "Biology" or "Chemistry" conducted by the admission committee of the University and psychological testing and interviews.

    4.3. Entrance tests are conducted by the admission committee of KazNMU in 3 stages:
    • August 18 – test on Biology
    • August 19- psychological test.
    • August 20- interview
    • If necessary there is organized visiting committee for exam on a place. Test on subjects is carried out on the public school curriculum in English or in Russian.
  5. Accommodations in the hostel
    Indian citizens entering specialties with studying in English are accommodated in a hostel for a period of entrance examinations and university studies. Settling the hostel starts from August 1st.
  6. Enrollment of the students
    6.1. Enrolment Indian citizens entering the specialties with training in English and taken under direct agreements (contracts) with them or with organizations - intermediaries on a fee base, held from August 20 to August 25.

    6.2. Order enrollment of students is issued by a rector of the university after successful passing the entrance examinations , passing a competitive recruitment ( in the presence of competition), drawing up a contract for training with full payment of tuition fees for one year and payment is received in accordance with the concluded contract ( when entering on contractual basis) .


Fee Structure & Eligibility

Fee Structure

Cost (base price) for training of foreign citizensis

Cost (base price) for training of foreign citizensis approved by order of the Rector of the University on the basis of paragraph 8 of clause 62 and paragraph 4 of clause 63 of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law "On Education." Basic cost of education in 2016-2017 academic year is 3550 $, in dollars at the exchange rate of the National Bank per year.

The University offers 30% discount

The University offers 30% discount from the basic price for 250 foreign students of baccalaureate with training in English on a competitive basis and on the results of entrance examinations.


More than 2 yrs valid passposrt

Student need More than 2 yrs valid passposrt

12 th Board with 55% in aggregiate

12 th board with 55% in aggregiate and english as a compulsary subject

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